03 avril 2012

Projects, projects, projects

PST and IST are done, so now I’m a 100% bona fide card-carrying PCV with all of the rights, privileges, and expectations to go with it. This means I get to actually do my job, instead of just thinking about it or training about it. And my job primarily consists of projects.

Lots and lots of projects.

I’m just getting started, and right now I’m simultaneously working on a project to start a chicken farming collective, a project to do theatrical anti-malaria education during the rainy season, a project to work with a local NGO that combats excision (female circumcision), a project to build hand-washing stations outside of the latrines in several public spaces, and a project to get a large mural painted on one of the local buildings. It’s a lot of projects, and it takes up a surprising amount of my time.

Actually, right now it’s taking up all of my time, which is why I haven’t been blogging as much lately. Between the projects, the power being out, the local internet coming and going, a new petite amie, and the general exhaustion that comes with a full and happy life, I’ve barely had time to eat and bathe, much less get caught up on my blog. But that’s not a complaint, and it’s not an excuse; far from it. Rather, it’s a celebration of the fact that the boredom of continual anticipation has ended and the excitement of finally stepping up to the plate has begun.

Unfortunately, because I’m so busy, I may have to scale back the number of posts that I write each week. Currently, I shoot for 5 posts a week, give or take; now, I’m considering dropping back to a very strict, not-to-be-missed 3, every MWF.

What do you think, dear readers?

Would you prefer to continue to receive 5 posts a week, but with inevitable gaps and hiatuses, or would you prefer to receive a fewer but highly dependable 3 posts per week? It’s your decision; this blog is primarily for your information and entertainment, so I leave it up to you. At last count, there are several hundred of you a day reading this blog, so I hope at least 3 or 4 will give me the needed feedback.

Now…I’m off to a project. What else?

A la prochaine!